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Penny Eckman
Lead Vocals
  Next year it will be 20 years since Shylock Foxx started. I came up with the name (found it in the encyclopedia) and I guess it just stuck. We have been through many changes, some time off ,but still rockin' after all this time. I started singing when I was 15 with a little band called Free-N-Easy A country-rock band…that’s where it all started. From there many other bands came and went, until Shylock Foxx came to life. I think this newest version is by far the very best. We are getting more creative and so very happy to play all different styles of music from many eras. I love what has become of Shylock Foxx and am so looking forward to what lies ahead for the band.

Mick Collins
Keyboards, Vocals
  Mick has played keys most of his life. He joined Shylock Foxx in 2009. He’s played in several bands, including “Rust”, “The Relics”, “The Lost Sheep”, “The Hugh Douglass Blues Band”, “The Upstate Funk Machine”, and “The Tunedoctors” to name a few. In 2011 he played a brief stint with “Tailspin”, in Daytona Beach, where they opened for Eddie Money. When not playing with Shylock Foxx, Mick also performs with Penny, doing a lounge act in and around the Southern Tier.

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